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I have been practicing yoga since a young teenager to help with various challenges in life. I originally trained as a professional classical ballet dancer and later took this into a Masters in Dance Movement Psychotherapy. Yoga always remained a strong support and relief during these trainings and I began to notice its deeper therapeutic values. I continued to rely on yoga through my own pregnancies seeing how powerful and nurturing it continued to be. Loving its benefits so much, I took the plunge and trained as a Yoga teacher specialising in pregnancy, postnatal care and mum & baby yoga with Yoga Quota In Oxford. I enjoyed setting up my own business called MAMAYOGA  as well as teaching regular yoga classes in the community.

​I wanted to combine my passion and love for yoga with the benefits of therapy and the skills I already had so did just that and 3 years later graduated as a Yoga Therapist, training with the amazing Yoga United UK. During my training I really focused on the effects of autism spectrum condition, PCOS and hormones on the body and how yoga therapy can support these conditions.

I have been inspired by the most amazing Tutors and mentors such as Judy Sampath, My outstanding course leader mentor and the founder of Yoga United UK, as well as Mary Mackie, who's detailed knowledge on the anatomy of the body is astonishing,  Dr Uma Dinsmore Tulli and her passion for women's health and Yoga Nidra, Tias Little and his eye opening work on the subtle body and subtle yoga, Michael Lee and his devotion to finding our edges and the phoenix rising method, as well as Alex Bauermeister and her endless knowledge on trauma and trauma informed yoga therapy. These are just a few of the mentors who have given me so much knowledge and a new found understanding and depth to my work as a practitioner. I continue to deepen my learning and currently focus my research and practice on yoga therapy for self regulation and autism spectrum condition.

​I am now a mentor for Yoga United UK on their professional Diploma Yoga Therapy course, supporting yoga therapy trainees. I have worked with trauma charities, law firms and other professional therapists, creating wellbeing modules and workshops, as well as one to one sessions. I have supported clients seeking Yoga Therapy for many different reasons​, conditions and intensions. If you would like to know more or are seeking some guidance do get in touch for a free initial consultation. 

​If you are interested in a Therapy session or a yoga class and want more information about both, head to the learn more link below. For further enquiries please get in touch for a chat or initial free consultation via the contact page. 

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